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After numerous attempts at organizing my closets…I decided it was time to hire a professional…and I couldn’t be happier! Christina Bouchard of The Bouchard Method is the most talented, creative, organized, professional and fun person I have ever worked with. She has a great eye and amazing style so she got right down to business. Her level of detail lead to a “picture of perfection” when she completed each closet. Now I’m ready for her to tackle my garage, basement and the rest of my house. I truly can’t recommend Christina enough. She is awesome and I would recommend hiring her ASAP!


- S H A R I  A. 

I can’t say enough good things about Christina and the Bouchard Method! I recently started a home-based business and needed help in organizing and merging home and work zones. We tackled a full garage clean out as well as a kitchen panty and laundry room.  Getting rid of things you’ve been holding onto a long time can be difficult and she provided just the right amount of direction in a respectful and collaborative way.


 - L I N D A   G.

Christina of the Bouchard Method has completely changed my living space! In a few short hours, she completely revamped my closets and kitchen pantry. She listened to my concerns and needs, formulated a plan and showed up with creative solutions to address all of my organizational problems. I would use her again and most definitely will be recommending her to my family and friends!  


- D E B O R A H  M. 

Christina was a huge help in organizing my bedroom closets! I thought my closets were organized before she came and boy was I wrong! Christina helped me condense and organize in a way that made sense and gave me easier access to my bags and shoes! Most importantly she did not pressure me to get rid of anything I didn't want to! After she did my closet I moved on to my husbands and then the Linen closet. My linens are organized for the first time in a way that I can easily access everything and more important she helped me come up with an easy system to organize my sheet sets! Using her method, I have been able to keep everything neat and organized because it was set up so well! I highly recommend her! Can't wait to tackle other projects!

  - A N D R E A  C. 

Christina has changed my life, truly! She did two major organizational jobs for me. Our kitchen and my daughters closets and dressers. She maximized the space in my newly renovated kitchen and organized everything with such creativity and logic! I love being in my kitchen now.The kids closets, well, they were a nightmare! Now, everything is in bins, labeled and organized for them and me. If you are feeling disorganized or overwhelmed with lack of space or clutter, call her now !!! She is amazing and fun to work with  


  - A U D R A  F. 

Christina has an incredible knack in maximizing whatever space you are working with. Living in an older home, I thought I needed a new closet construct to fit my shoes, accessories and clothes and was concerned that would result in a pricy project. Fortunately, all I needed was Christina to come over once and assess. Within a day, she shared her suggestions for us to discuss before any further planning occurred. Within a couple of weeks, she was at my house working her magic and within 3.5 hours, my closets were in pristine shape. In short, Christina is an all around professional and excels in creative thinking, resourcefulness, time management, project planning, and time efficiency. Most importantly, I trusted her in my personal space and found her extremely welcoming with her friendly demeanor. You will not be disappointed. I know I will need her again!


- R E G I N A  R.


Christina is the best! She helped me organize and beautify my master closet. She has such a laid back way about her that makes you feel at ease right away. Her skills in organizing are outstanding! She has very creative ideas I never would have thought of myself. She stayed within my budget too! I love my new closet and keep going in there to look at it. Wish I had taken a before photo!


- E L I Z A B E T H  P.     

The Bouchard Method works for me. Christina did an excellent job getting me organized. And things are easy to maintain. My closet is not only neat, but it also stays looking good without effort. And I finally know what is in my kitchen cabinets. She is always on time, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Christina is a true professional! 


- M A R I O N  J.

This young woman has created an organizational system that goes beyond anything I could have imagined. Miss Bouchard started by working in my large custom wood closet which I thought was in decent shape. I wasn't even close to imagining what it would look like when she was done. She has somehow made what was just an ordinary closet into a lovely show piece.  I actually enjoy going in there as I feel as though I have a brand new wardrobe! After completing the bedroom closet she organized my walk in supply/pantry room and again, the setup is amazing. Every item has its place in a container or bin which is marked making it so much easier to find things She went on to my pantry in the kitchen then my linen closet and organized all my bathroom essentials.
Christina is a pleasure to work with and is extremely professional, immaculate and a woman with great knowledge of how things should be done. 

 - S A N D R A  M.

Enlisting Christina’s help with our large, cross-country move was the best decision I could have made! Her expertise and hands-on involvement made the process efficient and as stress-free as possible. Christina’s calm, positive presence and her attention to planning & all details eliminated a lot of worry at a very stressful time.
I highly recommend Christina and the Bouchard Method!

- S U Z A N N E  G.

Christina did an amazing job organizing my home! We had a consult to go over my goals and talk about ideas, she got all of the  supplies, and then spent a day organizing my kitchen and closets. I feel so organized and love opening my drawers and cabinets again. I highly recommend Christina and the Bouchard Method!

- K A T I E  R.

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